Mobilna Granica

The app “Mobilna Granica” provides users of mobile devices with information about current situation on Polish road border crossings. It shows data regarding e.g. the length of the line, average time of waiting for customs clearance, predicted possible changes of that time, announcements regarding the border crossings (adjusted to the current GPS position of the user) and other important information, such as the reference to publically available images from monitoring cameras. When the user is waiting to cross the border, they will be informed about the calculated individual time to enter the border crossing area in both directions, from and to Poland.The app contains: - Information in six languages: Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian and German. - Free data connections inside the app, WiFi or GSM. - PUSH notifications regarding a selected border crossing, favourite ones or all of them. - Selection of various types of vehicles, which you can use to cross the border. - The list of border crossings to three available countries: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, together with the predicted time of waiting in the line in both directions (from and to Poland). - Predicted time of waiting on various days and hours for a particular border crossing. - The option to add a border crossing to the list of favourite ones. - The option to analyse the details of a particular border crossing: the quality of data, waiting time, number of open driving lanes, map with an access route, live footage from the cameras on the border crossing, announcements for this crossing and weather forecasts. - Navigation to a particular crossing together with information about the traffic intensity and reports regarding position; this guarantees obtaining the individual waiting time to enter the border crossing area.