— introduction —

Value added

Our services enable you to focus on your core business, while testing and maintenance of your apps is fully taken care of.

What is software testing?

Software testing is one of the key elements that guarantee reliability and durability of IT solutions.

— Who we are —

Looksoft’s testing team has been ensuring quality of mobile apps for a number of years.
We specialize in delivering independent and professional testing services based on many years of experience of our testers and on using best industry practicies.

Team of experienced Project Managers.

Over 20 experienced developers (iOS, Android, Windows, web)

Team of UX/UI designers

Team of certified testers and test leaders (ISTQB®)

testing and maintenance offer
apps on markets

Conducting complex tests of mobile apps on over 50 devices like:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Smartwatch
  • Smart TV
  • Google VR

Creation of necessary testing documentation:

  • Check lists
  • Testing cases
  • Testing scenarios
  • Raport from conducted tests

— types of conducted tests —

Tests checking application against specification
Tests checking app after conducted changes/bug fixes in the app or system
acceptance tests
Testing against client’s requirements
regression tests
Tests checking app after conducted changes/bug fixes in the app or system
Testing behaviour of connected modules of an app
module tests
Testing single modules of an app

Testing an app includes verification if functional and non-functional requirements are met

Under tests is installation, usage and display of information on mobile devices. Thanks to tests of mobile apps you will boost confidence of created software, what will improve your company’s and app’s image.

Tests are performer by a well-qualified team of testers with many years of experience and ISTQB certificates.

We offer full coverage of testing process according to IEEE 829 standard recommended by International Software Testing Qualifications Board.

— application testing scope —

Looksoft has a wide range of testing devices. For tests a number of devices with verity of operating system versions and screen resolutions is chosen, so that it corresponds with plethora of devices present in customers’ pockets.

Thanks to a long-lasting cooperation with leading smartphone manufactures and mobile carriers we can also accommodate for tests niche and early release devices.

Scope of tests at Looksoft covers the following platforms:

windows phone

zscope of app servicing on app stores

  • managing app accounts on markets
  • publishing, removing, updating, certification of apps
  • monitoring of ratings and comments from users
  • raporting
  • optimization of app appearance on markets
  • optimization of key words
  • ttesting apps before publishing on markets
  • regular app testing
  • advanced analysis of app users
  • support in building loyalty and engagement among users
  • implementation of additional SDKs is the king
  • extended tests